Which state has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats?

Lok Sabha is one of the two houses of the Indian Parliament, the other being the Rajya Sabha. The members of the Lok Sabha are chosen directly by the people of India in the General elections. Do you know which state has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats? Let’s find out.

Which state has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats?

There are 80 Lok Sabha constituencies in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the highest for any state. UP is the most populous state of India. As per the last census, which was held way back in 2011, the population of UP was close to 20 crores. It should be much more now.

Top 10 states with the most number of Lok Sabha seats

StateNumber of Lok Sabha seats
1Uttar Pradesh80
3West Bengal42
5Tamil Nadu39
6Madhya Pradesh29
9Andhra Pradesh25
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Rajasthan, the largest state in India by area has only 25 Lok Sabha constituencies. The Members of Parliament from Uttar Pradesh make up over 15 percent of the Lok Sabha. Currently, there are 543 MPs in Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha seats in Union Territories

Union TerritoryNumber of Lok Sabha seats
1Andaman and Nicobar Islands1
3Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu2
4Jammu and Kashmir5

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