Split AC vs Window AC, what’s the difference?

Split AC and Window AC are the two common types of air conditioners used in our homes. Do you know the difference between these two? Also which one of these is suitable for you? Let’s find out.

Split AC vs Window AC


Window AC comes as a single unit with all the components inside it. In Split AC, there are two units. The compressor unit is placed outside the room, while the evaporator (fan unit) is placed inside the room.


In general, Window AC is more affordable than a split AC for the same tonnage.

What makes more noise, a split AC or a window AC?

As the compressor is closer to you, the noise levels are high in Window ACs. Also, they become even noisier with time. Split ACs generally have minimal noise even after years of use.

Space requirement

Window ACs require comparatively more space of your room as every component is inside a single unit. In split AC, the larger and heavier compressor unit is placed outside. Also, Window ACs need a proper cutout in the wall for installation. So it may not be for every home.

Maintenance requirement

Window AC is relatively easier to maintain and service as everything is in one place. However, it is generally seen that with time, a window AC will require more services.

If you are living on rent or changing places frequently, then a window AC might be the better option for you.

Energy consumption

It depends on the energy ratings.

A split type AC in a room
Image from Pixabay

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